Troyce – Brooklyn (MUSIC VIDEO)

Okay so hopefully people wont take it the wrong way but I am into Hip-Hop and I have been around it my whole life and I grew up in the Bronx so my slangs and words shouldn’t affect anyone because I am expressing myself and if they do then this blog isn’t for you! So this is the first music video I attempted to create it was the best I could do with the resources I have but future music videos will be better I am getting the hang of video production so yeah:) If you enjoyed this little freestyle song make sure to check out my other songs I have over 30 of em!! Just Check out my “Social Media” tab and go on from there!!!


Health Is Wealth & Mood

So recently my whole life has changed due to “me” wanting to be more positive and less anxious (impossible but trying my best!). Since a young age I have had an issue with my nerves, meaning I would get upset pretty easily. So now I have turned my life around its been about 20 plus days that I started treating my body a little more better! I started to eat more organic and less GMO’S which now at days its almost IMPOSSIBLE to find “real” food to eat….! I am pretty sure the fruit and veggies I eat are also not “natural” but what can we do, not everybody has the space to grow their own food(s) but if THEY DO THEN THEY SHOULD! I also started getting into vegeterianism and started to incorporate the following in my diet: Cacao Raw Powder, Maca Raw Powder, Hemp Powder, Camu Camu Powder, and even raw honey! Of course I do not take all these in one day but to each their own. For example, usually every morning I make myself a drink consisting of coconut milk (!!!HIGHLY SUGGEST ANY MILK EXCEPT COW MILK!!!!), Cacao powder, Maca Powder and raw honey. I mix em together and it creates the perfect blend and taste (for me at least) and packs a variety of vitamins and essentials your body needs! So basically a natural multi-vitamin drink to start my day off which also gives me energy and relaxes my mind to where I can concentrate and relax (having to deal with nerve issues this is quite amazing) at the same time! Due to just drinking this alone, my mindset has completely changed and I do feel much more positive and less anger, anxiety, and depression! I have tested this out myself and I know understand the meaning of, “You are what you eat”. It makes sense now, everytime I would fall into deep depression following messed up situations I would usually eat a lot of junk food such as sugary sweets from the corner store and ice-creams, all that stuff that I shouldn’t nor anyone else should when they are at a bad state in life! Its cool to eat junk in moderation because why not? We have (for the most part and most of us) gotten used to and brainwashed to eat the junk they give us so its okay to eat it here and there if your body doesn’t get much affected and by that I mean stomach aches and such. Just take care of yourself’s and of course, ALWAYS DO YOUR RESEARCH! Don’t listen to no one’s opinion its not hard to go on google and look stuff up! Anyway I hope you are okay with yourself and I hope YOU get to look into changing your diet for a better life. 🙂

Welcome to my personal blog!

Okay so a very awesome and amazing friend of mine mentioned to me about wordpress blogging and how many people use it for whatever reasons may-be, so I decided to create my own personal blog to share my thoughts, opinions, and mostly my music! If you don’t really know me or know what I stand for here is a very simple way to put it: I LOVE HIP-HOP! I just love music I am not a “One Genre” person but I do “Prefer” to listen to hip-hop as it has been there for me since a very young age! My mother used to jam Kanye West, Eminem, and 50 Cent from what I can recall when we were living in Greece! Since then I just fell in-love with the art and it stuck to me till this day. So for now that is about it I will be sharing my music quite frequently and also my thoughts and ideas on life, so I hope whoever see’s this enjoy’s my content and respects it! All love:)

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